carnival theme wedding

Maybe it’s the neutral grey-brown hues of a winter thaw that have me craving colour. Or maybe it’s all the work I’ve been doing lately that is making me crave something playful. Whatever it is, I’ve had carnivals and circuses on the brain lately and I’ve been thinking of how much fun it would be to have a ‘carnival-chic’ wedding. One with happy foods like candy apples, cotton candy, lemonade. One with bright colors, bold stripes and laughter. One that is playful, yet stylish. I created this ‘carnival themed’ inspiration board to transport my vitamin-D deprived winter self to a sunny, summer, carnival day.

Big top image: Flickr, user Vanessagx

Candy Apple image: Marcelo Salup

Balloon dart game image: C. Lisinksi

Ticket Stub image: Emanuel Wiemans

Circus Poster: