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I’ve always loved pyrotechnics. Maybe it’s because when I was little my older brother made fireworks (we won’t get into the part about the stink bombs) in our basement in his spare time. Or maybe it’s just because they are so beautiful and full of drama.

Whatever the reason, I can’t help but get a little excited about the idea of adding a little pyrotechnic pizzazz to a wedding. I’m not talking about roman candles or burning school houses (we’ll save those for other occasions). I’m talking sparklers. The bigger, the better.

Is there a better way to make a grand exit and get dazzlingly dramatic photos? I think not.

If you are considering sparklers, here are some tips:

  • Wrap the sparklers with ribbon, and hot glue some matches onto the ribbon. Hand out sparklers with your wedding programs.
  • Keep a few galvanized pails full of sand handy for your guests to place their hot sparklers in after they are done with them.
  • Instead of giving out matches, light one sparkler and have a designated sparkler lighter go around and light all the sparkers. This way, guests won’t have to fumble around with matches.
  • There are lots of places online to purchase sparklers, including

Photos: First photo, Stephen Seward; Second photo, Swensen Photography; Third photo, 68 Photography