diy wedding favor

By Jennifer Cox

Looking for ideas for DIY favors? I created a green apple theme for my fall wedding last year, and I really wanted to do something homemade as well as give something useful for our wedding favors. I toyed with the idea of attempting apple jelly, but the idea of boiling and cleaning and spooning hot apples into 60+ jars was a tad overwhelming. So instead, I decided to give our guests the dry ingredients for baked apple spice.

I’m known for my layered jars at Christmastime – they make for beautiful (and relatively inexpensive) homemade gifts. So I applied the same technique to my wedding favors and, to add another touch, I used clear cone-shaped bags. I bought all the ingredients at Costco (to cut down on costs) as well as printed and cut my own favor cards. It worked out beautifully – I used pedestal bowls of green apples as centrepieces and was prepared to donate all the leftover fruit to a shelter – in the end, guests decided to take the apples instead to go with their spice mix (and they congratulated me for my foresight – if only they knew)!

Here’s how to make baked apple spice favors:

Supplies (this makes ONE DIY favor- multiply these measurements by the number of favors you’ll need)

– ¾ c. white sugar

– ¾ c. brown sugar

– ½ c. flour

– 1 tsp. cinnamon

– 6-inch strip of thin ribbon in the colour of your choice

– 2-cup clear cone-shaped bag

1. To make filling the bags a breeze, put the bag inside a glass and stretch the opening of the bag across the opening of the glass – it will keep the bag from toppling over.

2. Fill the bags in this order: cinnamon, flour, brown sugar, white sugar, making sure to even out and gently pack each ingredient firmly in place (but not so much that the bags’ seams split) – if you leave any air pockets the ingredients will shift and blend into one another.

3. Tie the top of the bag firmly closed.

4. Attach a small notecard with a design on one side (a logo, picture, the date, etc.) and the following instructions on the other:

Baked Apple Spice

Cut 8-10 apples and place in buttered dish. In a pan on the stovetop, mix spices with 2 tsp. butter and 1 c. water. Boil, simmer till thick and pour over apples. Bake at 350° for 35 mins.

First Photo: davina + daniel


filling bags

Me and my mother-in-law filling the bags




Cutting the ribbon

Cutting the ribbon



My dad cutting all the favor labels

My dad cutting all the favor labels


boxes of favors

jennifer cox Jennifer Cox is a Montreal based freelance journalist who loves everything from weddings to foodie news, photography & candy!