Mel over at The Crafty DIY Bride offered to share this fabulous DIY Ribbon Boutonniere tutorial with IW readers.

Take it away Mel!

Finished Ribbon Medallion If you want to incorporate some DIY wedding craftiness into your intimate wedding, check out these DIY ribbon boutonnieres for the groom!  You can also use them as hair clips to add some colour to your girls’ outfits.

Supplies required for Ribbon Medallions DIY Ribbon Boutonniere Tutorial

What you’ll need:

Needle and thread
Button Covering Kit and scrap material

What to do:

1. Start by making an accordion formation with your ribbon. I made folds every inch.

Step 1 - Make Accordion Folds Step1 - Make Accordion Folds

2. Knot one end of your thread and push the needle through one edge. Then bring each side over so that both ends of the thread meet, and knot them.

Step 2 - Sew Together Step 2 - Bring each side together and knot 3. Now comes the fiddly part – make your folds evenly spaced and push down so that the fold is in one direction only, then iron flat.

Step 3 - Space the folds evenly Step 3 - Iron the folds flat 4. Now to add some flair to your medallion. Cut a length of ribbon and attach to the back of your medallion with glue.

Step 4 - Cut a length of ribbon and attach to the medallion 5. Finally, we’ll add a patterned button to the center. You can either use a vintage button for the center, or cover one using a kit.

Step 5 - Cover a button using a kit Ta-dah - your Ribbon Medallion is finished 6. Glue the covered button into the center with a hot glue gun and you’re finished. How cute is that!

Finished Ribbon Medallion