By Carey, IW Bride Blogger

Photography is an integral part of my life, and Nathan’s. I can’t tell you how many cameras we own… dozens! Okay, so maybe they don’t all work but they all did at some point. I love thinking about who once owned this camera, and what might have been captured with that one. Did they wait with anticipation for the image to develop before their eyes. Maybe she was in a dark room, or maybe it was 1986 at a family reunion when instant film was both affordable and available (oh, Polaroid)!

You might even say photography is what brought Nathan and I together. He was a boy who took photos, and encouraged photos through the collaborative art project The Head Project. And, I was a girl interested in photography (mind you with the cheapest, yet dearly loved hp from 1999!!) who found the boy’s work through random online searching. My interest and appreciation for photography inclined Nathan to buy and send me a Polaroid camera years before we met.

So it is shocking that we would (or rather could) not consider spending thousands of dollars on wedding photography. I understand it is a priceless art form, but our budget allowed us to pick one – location or photography. We chose location. Luckily we know a fine young man with a camera – my brother, Drew Kirk.

butterfly on flower

My brother got in to photography much later than I did, and really not all that recently. And, I must admit he has surpassed his big sis. I am impressed daily by what he is able to capture, and the light in which he does so. Drew sees so many beautiful things most people never notice, and his composition is fantastic! We are so lucky that he will be capturing our big day!

Queen Anne's lace

Drew also took our engagement photos in February which could not have been easy for him. Nathan was slightly self conscious the entire time, and I couldn’t believe he was getting any of the GOOD moments. But the pictures were beyond my imagination! This is when I realized you really have to trust your photographer, and they will get it right.

happy couple

I know not everyone will have a talented brother or friend to take their wedding photos, but it is never a bad idea to reach out to your guests to see what they would like to contribute! Talent is everywhere these days, and in my case my brother was really honored to be our photographer.

girl in wheatfield

We are also setting up a flickr account for our guests to upload photos of the wedding from their cameras. Candid snapshots can be some of the best moments! And, of course we will be using polaroid film! I actually bought quite a bit today in support of The Impossible Project.

girl with polaroid

Photos: Drew Kirk