second wedding dress

By Jennifer Cox

You may have been a fan of the poofy princess-style dress the first time you got married, but for  second weddings, gowns tend to be more simplified and less ornate. The best part about wedding-dress shopping the second time around is that you won’t be easily influenced by what others want (something first-time brides often give in to) – this time, you know that your wedding is all about you so you’ll choose a dress based on what you and you alone love.

With second weddings, brides can think outside the standard white box and opt for a dress that has some colour and is mid-calf length. While having the long, awe-inducing train may have been important to you at your first wedding, the encore bride doesn’t tend to have a train to her dress at all. You may have also worn a beautiful veil – second-wedding brides, however, usually opt for something less dramatic and formal, like a birdcage veil or small hat. There are also beautiful options for headpieces that include feathers and glitzy jewels. You can even choose to wear a stunning suit instead of a dress if you’ll be more comfortable.

The best part of wedding-dress shopping for second weddings is that there are no rules. No one is going to gasp if you don’t wear white (or if you do), you don’t have to feel obligated to wear a family heirloom gown, and you don’t need to go with all the formalities (front-and-back veil, elaborate coif, fancy shoes, or something old, something new. Go with something that suits you, whether it’s a shorter pale yellow dress, free-flowing locks or bare feet!

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