alice in wonderland annie leibovitz

I didn’t discover Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland until I took a children’s lit course in university. That’s when I fell in love with the story and the wonderful illustrations by Sir John Tenniel.

When I saw this Alice in Wonderland photo by Annie Leibovitz, I was instantly mesmerized. And since my mind is focused a great deal on weddings these days, I couldn’t help but think that this photo (and others in the series) would be a great source of inspiration for an Alice in Wonderland themed wedding.


Then I discovered the above photo from Country Living . What a perfect setting for a tea party reception!

Whether or not an all out costumed-affair is your thing, a tea party reception is perfect for anyone considering an early reception. It’s ideal for anyone wanting to scale back wedding costs (less alcohol, less food), but still have an event that will be unique and whimsical.

tea party sandwiches

Besides, shabby chic weddings are so fun to create. Mismatched tablecloths, teapots, teacups, and dishes can be found at thrift shops and garage sales. Teapots filled with garden flowers can be used as centerpieces (as in the above photo also from Country Living), and colorful lanterns (as shown in the photo below by Rumolay on Flickr) in various shapes and sizes can be used create whimsy.

tea party lanterns

Serve sandwiches and other scrumptious finger foods. Desserts take a starring role at a tea party. Instead of a wedding cake, have a variety of homemade desserts including cupcakes displayed on mismatching vintage plates and saucers. (Photo below by Crumbs and Doilies.)

Charming, inexpensive, and ‘tea’rrific!

tea party wedding cupcakes