The handwritten note is dead. Paved over by pixels. Bludgeoned by bytes. It’s been gone for years. Thrown to the curb like the things found at the back of closets during spring cleaning. Or is it?

According to The NY Times, handwritten typeface is back with a vengeance. Apparently, the word of sleek graphics have left us longing for the DIY approach to lettering. We’ve all seen this trend in the world of weddings too, where calligraphy is all the rage. Heck, you can even turn your own handwriting into a font.

That said, I can’t remember the last time I sat down to write (not type)  a letter to a loved one? Can you? Maybe it’s time to whip out the stationery and get nostalgic. That is, if I remember how to write:)

Photo One: NY Times Magazine; Photo Two: Paperfinger