wedding guests taking photos

Does anyone use disposable cameras anymore? I hope not. Not when just about EVERYONE has a digital camera.

The downfall of digital cameras is that they trap photos. How many photos do you have on your computer that you’ve never bothered to print? (I have thousands. Literally.)

And when it comes to weddings, you can bet that many of the photos that your snap-happy guests take during your wedding will never be shared. That’s why you need a DIY Photo Download Station! All you need is a laptop, a card reader, and someone willing to man the station. Check out how to make your DIY Photo Download Station here.

Another clever option is a Flickr account and cute little cards to remind your guests to upload photos to your account.

I found these cards on Geek Sugar. Why not commission someone on Alchemy to make some for your wedding? Or DIY!

Top photo: Andrew Sansom Wedding Photography