They are

like birds on a wire,

wooden claws

clamping sheets

and nightgowns

that flap freely

above country lawns

clothesline in the breeze

and dark alleys.


Perched in trees,

wedding clothespin

on silver branches,

claire reyes love doves


escort cards for shabby chic wedding

and fences.

wedding clothespins

Holding signatures,

escort cards clothespins

hearts and wishes.

unique wedding guest book


decoupage clothespin

and plain.




wedding dress on clothesline

Photo One: High Nocturnal Style ; Photo Two: I Found it in My Pocket; Photo Three: SnapDragon9mm; Photo Four/Five: Casa Sugar; Photo Six: The Wedding Co. Photo Seven: Unknown Photo Eight: Edyta Szyszlo Photo Nine: Photo Ten: Elizabeth Anne Designs; Photo Eleven: Gifts and Talents; Photo Twelve: Jerry L.; Photo Thirteen: e-how