In a dusty, downtown Las Vegas lot, there is a graveyard. A neon graveyard. But you won’t find any dead things there. Just signs.

The Boneyard or Neon Graveyard as it is often called, is a three acre site that’s home to a vast collection of non-restored, historic (mostly) neon signs. The collection ranges from the 1930’s to the present day.

Not only is it a neat place to visit, it’s a fabulous place to get striking wedding photos.

The Boneyard is open only by appointment, so if you’re heading to Las Vegas to get hitched,  make sure you book your timeslot at the Boneyard in advance.

Here are some photos from the Neon Graveyard photoshot during February’s WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) conference in Las Vegas.

Neon graveyard wedding shot

Photo taken by Scott Andrew

neon graveyard photo

Photo taken by Brian Caporicci

neon graveyard wedding

Photo by Fairytale Dreamer Photography

black and white neon graveyard