At your reception, a tall bouquet or sculpture could prevent your guests from chatting with other guests across the table. No matter how gorgeous the centerpiece, we think this is a major wedding faux pas! Thankfully, there are so many beautiful options for smaller centerpieces, such as the terrarium. We love terrarium centerpieces so much that we’ve rounded up eight of our faves from Etsy.

Let start off this list with a diamond shaped terrarium by NojaGlassDesign. Diamond decor is a trend on its own right now, so why not combine it with our love of terrariums!

This gorgeous terrarium by theZenSucculent reminds us of the the Enchanted Rose from Beauty and the Beast.

Another great option is this geometric terrarium by Waen. The plant could easily be replaced by tea light candles or flower petals.

Sleek and modern, this light-bulb shaped design by WeddingBoxWhatNots makes for a perfect centerpiece.

This teardrop terrarium by theZenSucculent would look so romantic filled with small fairy lights or vines.

For a more original take on the terrarium centerpiece, this house-shaped design by Leosklo is a great choice.

With an open vase concept, this design by PinkSerissa would be perfect to use for a bouquet of flowers, or to fill with something that suits your wedding decor, such as pearls or confetti.

Finally, this smaller, three-piece set by PinkSerissa is a perfect downsized alternative to the previous option, for those who may want multiple small centerpieces instead of one large option.

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