Sometimes your “something old” can become one of the most precious parts of your wedding. Vintage and antique engagement rings are not only beautiful, but also carry a love story from the past. Here are a few of our favorite vintage and antique engagement rings from Etsy.

This design by FergusonsFineJewelry is absolute perfection!

Diamonds and gold have never looked better than they do in this bold engagement ring by TheEdenCollective.

Fit for a queen, we can’t help falling in love with this vintage engagement ring by MasterPieceJewelers.

This beautiful deep gold engagement ring by LadyRoseVintageJewel will stop everyone in their tracks.

For a more subtle take on gold and diamonds, this look by FiligreeJewelers is a great option.

We absolutely love this dainty antique engagement ring by TheEdenCollective.

Vintage doesn’t have to mean boring, and this unique design by AlistirWoodTait proves it.

To finish off our list, here is a one-of-a-kind bold and beautiful vintage engagement ring by YourJewelryFinder.

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