argyle socks groosmen

You conform

with your coal black suit

and tie

milk white shirt

and too shiny shoes


beneath your cuffs

there is something a little


groom wearing argyle socks

Something a little


groom wearing argyle socks

A bright flicker,

like the flash of a tropical bird

in the forever green of a deep forest

groom pink socks


just like the mismatched bride.

bride wearing striped socks - photo by Tine Hoffman

And the matching bride too.

wedding couple striped socks

You are never boring.

groom with striped socks

Photo One: Santa Barbara Wedding Chic; Photo Two: Soon to Be Wed; Photo Three: Cassie Scott Photography; Photo Four: Brian Harte; Photo Five: Tine Hoffman: Photo Six: Boston Magazine; Photo Seven: Wedding Obsession