Why not personalize your wedding napkins with your guests’ names? These stenciled napkins are easy to make – and they double as name cards.

Read on to learn how to make them.

You will need:

Gather your materials.

Decide on how you want to fold your napkin. I folded mine over four times lengthwise. Decide on where you want to put the name.


Place stencil on fabric. You can use a ruler as a guide so that your letters will be straight.

Dip your brush into the paint. Remove excess paint. You want to use the drybrush technique – otherwise the paint will bleed and your letters will not have clean edges. Another trick to clean edges is to press down hard on the stencil. Paint your first letter.

Let dry before painting the next letter. To speed up the drying process, use a hairdryer. Also, make sure that there is no wet paint on the stencil when you paint the next letter. Repeat until all letters are done.

Fold napkin and place on guest’s plate.