All Change: Reception Wedding Dress Inspiration

One dress isn’t always enough. If you can have two gorgeous wedding dresses, why not? Even if you’re having an intimate wedding, a second dress is a great way to have a more informal dress for your reception. If you’re eloping and having a reception at a later date, then having two dresses to fit in with the separate occasions is also a great idea. A different reception dress not only gives you the chance to enjoy a night of dancing and dining, but also gives you the ability to show off a different look.


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Creative Menu Design Ideas

When it’s time to think about the design of your wedding menu, go beyond fancy calligraphy and think of creative ways to make your menu to stand out. By creating an impressive menu you can keep your guests intrigued (and occupied) until their food arrives. There’s an abundance of innovative options to choose from and a small detail like this will have a big impact on your overall look.

A multipurpose menu is a great way to go; it saves room on the table and checks two boxes. You can have your menu printed on a brown paper bag or muslin bag and place bread or cutlery inside. Having your menu on the wine bottles will also serve as a nice keepsake too. Likewise, a printed menu around your napkins is a contemporary and effective idea.


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DIY Wedding Favor Ideas for Chocolate Lovers

Love chocolate? Love DIY? Then today’s post is for you! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite DIY favor ideas just for all you chocolate lovers out there, but be warned, serious chocolate cravings and stomach rumbling may ensue.

For chocolate purists, the obvious favor choice is, well, chocolate, of course. So why not make your own chocolate bars to share with your guests?  Just melt some chocolate, add your favorite flavorings (nuts, fruits, spices etc.), and let set in the refrigerator – what could be simpler than that?

DIY rose petal chocolate

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Handmade Texas Wedding: Miranda and Zach

As a wedding photographer, Miranda loves big, glam, detailed-filled weddings. For her own wedding, however, she knew in her heart that a large extravagant wedding just wasn’t the right fit. Instead, she and Zach celebrated their love (with their impossibly adorable son by their side) with an intimate ceremony full of handmade details (including the gorgeous garland backdrop!), followed by an impromptu confetti fight, and finished off with a cozy restaurant reception – making for, as the bride describes it, a wonderful day with family and friends where there just so happened to be a wedding.

A huge thanks to Stephanie Rose Photography for sending over the photos for us to enjoy today!

intimate gainsville texas wedding

Miranda, 30 & Zach, 31 (and Marshall, 1½)

Gainesville, TX

Wedding Date: February 23, 2013

Number of Guests: 40

Wedding Ceremony Location: Cahoots Handbags

Wedding Reception Location: Sarah’s on the Square

intimate gainsville texas wedding intimate gainsville texas wedding intimate gainsville texas wedding

All Hearts and Flowers: Ceremony Backdrops

When thinking of the timeless symbols that are associated with love and romance, hearts and flowers always come to mind. You can find them doodled in teenager’s journals or in every store around Valentine’s Day. If you’re looking to up the romance factor at your wedding in a unique way then hearts and flowers are the way to go. Incorporating these into your ceremony backdrops and arches will add a personal and fun touch to your nuptials.

Oversized paper flowers and love hearts are dramatic and otherworldly and would look ideal in a woodland setting. These giant features give you the chance to let your imagination run wild and create details that are unique to you as a couple.


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