Engagement ring shopping is no easy task- or at least it wasn’t until we put together this ring guide.

From on-budget gemstone rings to dazzling diamond beauties, these 10 engagement rings are sure to take your S.O. (and soon to be fiancée)’s breath away. 

This bestselling Moissanite engagement ring from is as dazzling as can be!

diamond engagement ring

Moonstone and rose gold is a gorgeous combo; just take a look at this vintage-inspired engagement ring from

This diamond engagement ring from is a truly timeless piece.

diamond engagement ring diamond engagement ring

Holy swoon! This diamond engagement ring from is as sparkly as can be. 

Opt for a Pinterest-worthy rose gold ring from , complete with a breathtaking pear-shaped Morganite stone framed with diamonds.

Minimalism who? We’re smitten with this gorgeous rose gold engagement ring from

This woodland-inspired green Moissanite engagement ring from

For a truly classic look, opt for this vintage diamond engagement ring from

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