Small Wedding? You Can Dance if You Want to

Wedding dance couple photo by Ralph Heinze

Some couples can’t imagine a wedding without dancing. For them, it’s all part of the celebration. Others – like Darin and I, passed on this option. It’s not that we don’t like moving to our favorite tunes. It’s just that, well, we just didn’t want to feel pressured to occupy the dance floor at our wedding.

Despite the fact that they are having small weddings, some couples feel almost obligated to make it part of their reception. Others like the fact that a small wedding takes the pressure off of them to include dancing. And then there are those that not only can’t wait to find the best wedding dance songs for their weddings, but take dance lessons to prepare for the occasion.

Linda and Robert, who had 55 people at their estate wedding, are a case in point.

“My husband and I had taken a few lessons,” says Linda. “Just being out there dancing with my new husband, family and closest friends was such a thrill. I really didn’t want the night to end.”

Karen and Robert, who also got married at an estate, had family give them some pointers.

“(Robert’s) parents had come up to our house a few weeks prior to the wedding to give us some dance lessons. We didn’t do great with the lessons, but we had always managed to dance pretty well together in the past,” says Karen.

However, Karen admits being a bit nervous about getting her moves just right.

“I got a little bit worried about flubbing the dance thing in front of all of our guests, but when we were in each other’s arms and dancing (and we did very well!) it didn’t matter.”

Nancy and Jose put a great deal of thought in choosing their wedding day music, and spent several months prior to their Big Day dancing to the songs.

“We had been learning, choreographing, and practicing for over 2 months, and boy, was I nervous: but it went all smooth,” says Nancy.

Linda and Evan, on the other hand, left their dancing shoes at home.

“Our reception was quite simple, a very nice dinner, but no dancing,” says Linda. “Our crowd was pretty tame, as we are in our thirties and not much interested in club-dancing and drinking to extinction anymore … Everyone just mingled and talked and laughed.”

Dan and Amie, who had 53 guests at their reception, which was held at a family member’s home, also had a simple reception without dancing.

“We didn’t have a DJ or band … just some light music on a sound system that went through the house and also on the porch. People mostly just wandered through the house, mingled and ate,” says Amie.

Photo: Ralph Heinze Photography

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  1. Posted by Rick on May 5th, 2009 at 4:28pm

    I am not much of a dancer (except for comedic purposes), so it's interesting to see a post like this. It certainly takes the pressure off. Although there is something romantic about that first dance.
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