I will never forget the sight of the laundry room floor the night before my wedding. It was  COVERED with flower stems, leaves and petals! In fact, the stark white vinyl flooring was barely visible beneath the greenery. And this was at midnight! My mother, my maid of honour, and I had spent the better part of the evening creating the floral centerpieces for my wedding. Thanks to some beautiful wholesale flowers and my talented mom, they turned out beautifully. (Without my mom’s help we would have be lost amongst the stems and leaves.)

DIY flowers can save you a bundle. But not everyone has a family member or friend adept at floral design. That’s where Real Simple’s Wedding Flowers: How to Create Beautiful Bouquets from Supermarket Flowers comes in. The article provides some great visuals on how to create your own wedding bouquets. Carnations never looked so good! Check it out.