Ten Tips for an Outdoor Reception

outdoor wedding reception

Want to celebrate your big day outdoors? Here are 10 tips for having an outdoor reception:
  • Let your guests know in the invitation that it’s an outdoor reception, so they can dress appropriately.
  • Enclose maps in your invitations, so guests can find their way.
  • Make sure you have adequate bathroom facilities. If the outdoor reception is at home, you might want to consider renting a portable latrine. Many rental places have wedding models, complete with a flush toilet and sink.
  • Make sure the site has access to electricity.
  • The general rule of thumb for a sit-down reception is to allow for 15 square feet per guest. Do the math, and make sure your tent is big enough.
  • If you are having the outdoor reception at a private residence, find out ahead of time where the tent will be placed. That way when you are doing your spring/summer planting, you can choose flowers in your wedding colours and plant them near the tent.
  • Offer parking that is close by – it’s a wedding not a hike.
  • Let neighbors know you are having an outdoor reception ahead of time so they won’t be outside with lawnmowers and leafblowers.
  • Make sure your wedding site is in an area that won’t get muddy or flood if it rains.
  • Have mosquito spray handy. Citronella candles are not enough if mosquitoes decide to crash your party.

Photo: Hideaway Country Inn, Bucyrus, Ohio


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  1. Posted by Elkhorn View on June 2nd, 2009 at 7:29pm

    This is a well thought out list that guards against the little spoiler like a neighbors lawn mower which could be an issue if your in the neighborhood. Look forward to reading more. Thanks.
  2. Posted by Here Comes a Bride on June 15th, 2009 at 12:13pm

    These are some great suggestions. The suggestion for ample parking is excellent, as I think many brides and grooms forget that logistical piece.
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