Let’s be honest, we would never say no to a cookie, but when they look this pretty, we just can’t help but jump for joy!

Here are some of the most delectable and stunning cookies on Etsy:

 First off, these cacti cookies by  MerciBakery  not only look adorable, but are totally trendy right now. 

 If one choice of cute and trendy cacti cookies isn’t enough, enjoy these simply designed snacks by HollyFoxDesign.

 It’s bow tie time with these adorable plaid decorated cookies by TheTeenyTinyBakery

 These extravagant cookies by EdieBakes  sincerely look like true pieces of art. 

 Everybody raise a glass to these adorable champagne glass cookies by HollyFoxDesign!

 As if we didn’t love these enough, BakeHardBakery  turned one of the biggest trends of the year into a shimmering cookie that we all can’t wait to try! 

 These sweet designs by MerciBakery  make each and every cookie look like they’re very own canvas! 

HollyFoxDesign  is at it again with her creative baking! This time, have your guests celebrate with your multicoloured cookies, or even those that represent your wedding colors! 

 The Victorian era is back in a way that no one saw coming; Victorian-style cookies by thesweetesttiers!

 Once again, MerciBakery blows us away with these gorgeous cookie designs. Tea cups and engagement rings for everyone!

Simple but stunning, these ring cookies by HollyFoxDesign would be perfect for a bachelorette party!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend! Or is it cookies? thesweetesttiers has us confused, and now we want both!

These incredibly detailed flower cookies by thesweetesttiers are almost too pretty to eat! 


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