Imagine what kind of vacation you could take for the $30,000 that the so-called average wedding costs. Where would you go? Would you go to a tropical destination and be pampered at a top notch resort, or would you tour Europe? Maybe you’d spend a few weeks at a five-star hotel in Canada.

Now imagine not having to spend eons planning your wedding. Imagine not having to deal with all of the crazy wedding related details that you stew over almost daily. Think about what it would be like to get married in a fun place surrounded only by people that love you.

It’s no wonder that destination weddings or “weddingmoons” are so popular.

Are you a candidate for a destination wedding? Travel is Not for Everyone

Despite their charms, destination weddings are not for everyone. Since most destination weddings involve just the couple, or the couple along with a handful of loved ones, if a couple wants all their relatives, friends, acquaintances and co-workers to be a part of their wedding, it’s doubtful a destination wedding would be their first choice. Also, destination weddings can be a bit less predictable than a wedding at home – especially if a couple is choosing a place that they’ve never been to before. If a couple can’t handle having a few unknowns, a wedding away probably isn’t for them.

Who is a perfect match for a destination wedding? Travel Junkies and Couples Who Can Go With the Flow

If you fit the following criteria, then a destination wedding might be a perfect fit for you:

  •  Love to travel
  •  Love the idea of an intimate wedding
  •  Shun traditional weddings with all of the usual wedding day rituals
  •  Want to save money on your nuptials
  • Have family that has been driving you crazy with wedding related input/advice
  •  Not want to spend months planning your wedding
  •  Relish the idea of letting someone else handle the wedding details (In other words, you aren’t a control freak!)
  •  Go with the flow when something unexpected happens (i.e. the wedding gown doesn’t show up to its destination).