Guilt space. We all have it. It might be on a bookcase, a shelf, on top of the fridge or inside a china cabinet. It might be on top of a cupboard, or inside a closet. It’s that designated space where objects that you-don’t-really-want-but-feel-obligated-to keep are gently placed.  Usually these are presents given to you by dear friends and relatives. These could be, but are not limited to: knick knacks depicting blonde, blue-eyed children holding puppies or decorative plates with snowy scenes of blonde blue-eyed women skating in fur coats. Or they could be wedding favors like the lucky elephant tea light holder that doesn’t match your décor or the Cinderella carriage wedding place card holder or the smiling Buddha place card holder that holds nothing but dust.

The last thing anyone needs is more guilt space. You don’t need it. Your wedding guests don’t need it. That’s why I am crazy about consumable DIY wedding favors. If you are having a small wedding, why not make cookies, fudge, truffles or homemade jam? You could also buy or make your own handmade soap, lotion, lip balm, bath bombs or candles. Your wedding guests will love you for it.

The last thing Mother Earth (and your guests) need is another knick knack.