napkin rings brooch

My girls and I were pretty excited when a treasure-filled cardboard box showed up at my doorstep the other day. Inside it was the entire line of {styled} by Tori Spelling. Thankfully, my girls have different tastes from moi, so we all claimed our faves without having to fight over any of the pieces. Besides, there was more than enough jewelry to go around (actually, there was enough bling to accessorize the entire neighbourhood!).

For the next few months, I will be creating fun, wedding-related DIY projects using the {styled} by Tori Spelling line of jewelry.

My first DIY project? DIY brooch napkin rings.

These brooch napkin rings are an easy way to add a touch of elegance to a rustic chic wedding or bridal shower. They can also double as  favors for the ladies!

You will need:

  • Ribbon
  • Pendant or Brooch
  • Napkin

Choose your pendant or brooch and weave a ribbon through the pin on the back of the brooch. Tie the ribbon around your napkin. Some of the {styled} by Tori Spelling pendants do not have pins on the back, but they have loops where you can tie your ribbon.

brooch napkin

Don’t they look stunning? They definitely add some sparkle to your table!

brooch napkin ring

Even though all the pendants are different, they look great together. You could even mix n’ match them with brooches found at yard sales and flea markets.

brooch napkin rings

tori styled pendants

These would look amazing at an autumn wedding, but you could use them any time of the year.

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