Wheatgrass, how do I love thee? Especially when the snow is still on the ground and I am longing for the sight of lush, green, cool grass.

Not only is wheatgrass uber healthy (the juice is supercharged with nutrients), it’s so lovely to look at that it can be used for centerpieces at your wedding – and you can make them yourself!  Just buy a wheatgrass kit and plant the seeds several weeks prior to your wedding. (Keep them away from your cats if you have any. My cats LOVE grass and would chew this stuff to shreds!) You can also buy the wheatgrass seeds on their own and place them in a wooden container like this one from Ikea. There you have it – a fresh and inexpensive DIY centerpiece!

If you are looking for more detailed information on how to create a DIY centerpiece with wheatgrass, check out GardenGuides.com

Above wheatgrass inspiration board was created by Flat Toothpick.