Pansies are one of my favorite flowers. The colors are electric! My favorite hues are indigo and purple – but you could use any color for these mini-favor pots.

You can purchase a flat of pansies for around $12; that will give you 32 DIY wedding favors! Your only other expense is the flower pots.


Here’s what you will need for this project:

  • Pansies
  • Mini flower pots (I used BRIDES®  Chalkboard Flower Pots from Michael’s)
  • Bamboo skewers
  • Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter (optional)
  • Glue stick

Print out guests’ names on card stock. Right justify the text, leaving blank space to the left of each name as shown in photos below. Use paper cutter to cut out names.


Fold names in half and create a v-shape at the end of each one.


Fold names in half and insert a bamboo skewer. Use a glue stick to glue each half together.


Remove flower from flat.


Place flower inside the flower pot, pressing lightly. Remove any dead flowers or yellow leaves.


Add flag. That’s it!


Gorgeous, don’t you think?plant-favors-4