wedding chalkboard

This DIY wedding chalkboard is hugely versatile. You can write anything you want on the sign and display it at your reception. After the wedding, hang it in your kitchen as a menu board or use it to write love notes to your new hubbie:)

Want to learn how to make a wedding chalkboard?

You will need:

  • Antique frame (I lucked out and found this 1940’s gorgeous frame for $5 at an antique store. It had a rather unexciting marine print inside, which I removed.)
  • Spray paint in desired color to paint the frame
  • chalkboard paint (I used the spray paint version)

Bring your frame outside or into a well ventilated area.

chalkboard wedding

Remove glass, photo and backing from frame. If the backing is smooth and sturdy, keep it. This is what you will use to create your chalkboard.

wedding chalkboard frame

I used brown Tremclad Hammered spray paint. I would recommend this paint for this project!

spray paint

Set your frame on a cardboard box and give it a coat of spray paint. Turn it over and do the same. Let dry according to instructions on can.

antique frame

vintage frameGive it a second coat and let dry.

diy painted frame

painted antique frame

Spray backing with chalkboard paint. Let dry according to instructions on can. I gave mine two coats.

chalkboard frame

wedding chalkboard

I let mine dry overnight. Once it is dry, place into frame. (This flower painting is the back of the chalkboard backing.)

diy chalkboard

diy frame

Write desired message on chalkboard and set out during reception. (It’s a great way to remind your guests to take a wedding favor!)

vintage wedding chalkboard