Move over wedding cake – there’s a new and less expensive alternative: wedding pie.These deep-dish brides prefer flaky crust to buttercream and fruit-filling over fondant. And they love the variety that goes with all things pie. Cherry, berry, pumpkin, pecan, apple, and coconut cream are just a few flavours that are showing up on the wedding dessert table.

According to these pie-loving brides guests love it.  And so do grooms who really love the idea of leftovers.

Why are pies a perfect alternative to wedding cake?

They are less expensive.

Not everyone can bake a wedding cake, but when it comes to pie, you’re bound to find someone who’s adept at rolling out dough.

They’re pure comfort food. Pies give everyone the warm fuzzies. They remind us of our grandmothers and of a time when things were made from scratch.

They encourage guests to mingle, especially if you put a different type of pie at each table. This encourages wedding guests to find the table with their favourite flavour and chat with guests at the same time.

They’re different. Everyone expects wedding cake. Who expects delicious, mouth-watering pie?

You can highlight some of the local fruits in your area. Bake them when the fruit is in season and freeze them or enlist a local bakery.


Can anyone say leftovers?