Michelle did not have real flowers at her wedding. Instead, she opted for paper wedding flowers.  Hundreds of them.

A week after Michelle got engaged she bought origami paper. (Most of it came from kimscrane.com.) Her mom used a lily origami pattern that came from a calendar featuring origami designs to make the paper wedding flowers.

“I’ve never really cared for cut flowers, but my mother and I have always been crafty,” says Michelle, whose mom folded every origami lower.

Michelle points out that it was her mother’s first attempt at origami.

“When she gets into a project like that she just doesn’t stop. I think that’s why we had so many extra flowers to decorate other places,” says Michelle.

The paper wedding flowers were used for centerpieces, as well as bridal bouquets and even boutonneires. And guests got to take them home as keepsakes.

“I am really glad we made them instead of getting real flowers. They were more personal, customizable, and durable,” she says, adding that she and her hubby recently celebrated their first annivesary and the flowers are still thriving all over the country (with a few in Japan).

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