One of the biggest decisions you’ll make on your wedding planning journey is where to have it. Because there are so many unique wedding venues, the decision can be difficult.

 When it comes to choosing a location, two heads are better than one. Sit down with your spouse-to-be and make a list of potential sites. He might think of places that didn’t even cross your mind.

 Keep the following in mind when deciding on a location:


Ideally, you should visit a venue beforehand to get a feel for its size.

Because you are having a small wedding, you might feel dwarfed in a venue that is too large. Conversely, if you are having several dozen guests, you want to make sure that you don’t feel cramped.


Chances are, not all small wedding venues will fit into your budget. If you’re on a tight budget and the venue you want is beyond your price range, think about having a brunch or cocktail reception at the venue instead of a plated dinner.


Is there a place that has special meaning to both of you? Maybe you have a favorite bed and breakfast or a restaurant that is special to you. Choosing a meaningful location will help personalize your wedding.


Would you rather get married inside or outdoors? If an outdoor wedding sounds more appealing, keep in mind that it can be more stressful (you are at the mercy of the elements!) and more expensive than an indoor wedding. If you’re the adventurous type and your idea of a perfect wedding is on the side of a mountain, don’t forget that your guests might not appreciate having to hoof it up the mountain in their Sunday best.


You might have the perfect spot in mind for your wedding, but are you sure the venue hosts weddings? If so, you’ll also have to find out if it has noise and alcohol restrictions.


If you are flexible with the time of week, and the time of day you want to get married there will be more small wedding venues available to you. There’s a greater chance that your chosen venue will be available on a Sunday night, than on Saturday. Remember that no matter what you choose for your wedding date, it’s best to start your search for a venue early. Places can book up over a year in advance.

 Ideas for Small Weddings and Small Wedding Venues

The following list of ideas for small weddings is a good place to start. The linked items will take you our venue finder and a list of venues that match the venue type. It’s a great place to browse for venues and to get venue ideas.  It might help you remember some unique and interesting venues in your own home town or somewhere you’ve visited in the past.