In my early twenties, I yearned for a loft lifestyle. I envisioned myself riding home from an artsy job, on an artsy bicycle (with a basket on the front to hold a paperback and fresh flowers) to my loft in the warehouse district of Toronto. I envisioned my loft to have high ceilings and massive windows letting in loads of natural light. Kinda like this (except with lots of colorful art on the walls):

Loft living never materialized for this chick, (I’m a suburban gal with a lawn full of doggy doo and dandelions) but I’m still in love with the look of these open spaces. And I think they make a superb setting for a wedding.

Raw spaces, such as lofts and warehouses (they can also include yoga studios, ballrooms, gymnasiums and exhibition spaces) are like a blank canvas.  Although they can require work to transform for a wedding, they’re perfect for creative couples who want to create a one-of-kind event. Check out the following picture which is the above space transformed for an event:

And according to Kate Harrison’s The Green Bride Guide, raw spaces are ideal for couples who want an eco-friendly event because generally you will be able to hand-pick all of your vendors.

Here are a few more images of raw spaces that offer rentals for weddings and other events.