Times are tough – especially if you are planning a wedding. As if it weren’t enough to have to worry about job instability – or worse, job loss, a tanking real estate market and dwindling stocks!

If you’re the type who has champagne taste but you’re are on a Spumante budget, don’t be tempted to go into debt. Even if you are having a small wedding, those costs can add up quickly.

If you end up putting thousands of dollars on your credit cards, you could end up paying a lot more for your wedding than you ever imagined. Put it this way: Say you put $5,000 of your wedding related items on your credit card which has an annual interest rate of 18 percent. If you make minimum payments of $100 per month, it would take you about 7.5 years to pay off the debt and you’d have paid back not only the $5,000, but also approximately $4,300 in interest!

The best way to stay within a budget you can afford is to start planning early. That way you can begin saving for your wedding months ahead. Opening up a special wedding account can be a good idea. Putting 10 percent of your paycheck into the account can make for a sizeable chunk of cash after several months of saving.

Planning ahead will also give you time to comparison shop and find bargains. Clearance sales can save you a bundle!

When it comes to your wedding budget it’s also wise for both of you to get involved and to keep close tabs on your wedding expenses. To keep track of your budget, you can use a spreadsheet in Microsoft Excel or WordPerfect Quattro Pro. Make a list of the items and services you purchase, input costs next to each item (don’t forget the taxes!), and keep a running tally.

The last thing you want is to end up being a candidate for this:


Nov. 19, 2008

Did your recent wedding put you in debt up to your ears? Did you way overspend to have the wedding of your dreams? Maybe your upcoming wedding is financially spiraling out of control. TV’s MAXED OUT can help!

Maxed Out, “W” Network’s financial makeover show, is looking for candidates for Season IV. Apply for a unique opportunity to get yourself out of debt and on your way to financial security once and for all.

What you’ll get:
*One-on-one coaching from one of Canada’s top financial journalists
*a generous financial incentive

Who We’re Looking For:
We are looking for couples and families who live in the Greater Toronto Area, who feel financially overwhelmed and are in financial distress. We
are looking for participants between the ages of 30-50, but will give
consideration to those with an interesting story.

Candidates must be outgoing and willing to be open with money matters and stress.

How to Apply:
Please email story and photo to info@rtrmedia.com