I always encourage brides to follow their own path and have the style of wedding that suits their own personality. That said, it’s always fun to know what’s hip in the world of weddings. I asked Anna Namshirin, (pictured above with her groom) a wedding coach with British Columbia’s Fairy Godmother Weddings (I also interviewed Anna for an article I wrote for CBC.ca on wedding photo booths) for some of her observations on the latest wedding trends. Here’s what she said:

What are some overall wedding trends that you’re noticing?

Brides are starting to stray away from cookie cutter stationery and favours. With the accessibility of digital media it has become simple for a savvy bride to be able to construct a monogram for herself and be able to apply it to different aspects of her wedding from save-the-date cards to their wedding favors. Couples nowadays are very interested in having their wedding reflect their personalities whether it be personalized guitar picks for the musical couple, glamorous photos of the bride and groom for the photogenic couple, signature drinks for the cocktail couple, or the vintage cars for the collectible car couple! Every girl wants a memorable wedding that reflects her (and her husband) and these are all great ways to do it!

Is vintage still in?

In regards to wedding styles, vintage is very much in. We are seeing a return to the old Hollywood glam with birdcage veils and lace infused mermaid fitted wedding dresses creating bold glamour.

Which colours are you seeing?

Yellow is the new big color still strongly followed by the spectrum of purples and of course the fail safe chocolate brown combinations, although these combinations are slowly losing their popularity. Other colors out this season are the metallics and jewel tones. Rich colors help to accentuate most skin tones and also make a memorable impact in a guest’s mind. Not only do brides want to look gorgeous but they also want their wedding party to be stunning as well.

What about guest lists?

In terms of size, more and more brides are opting for intimate affairs or the latest trend, cocktail receptions. With the exception of a few notable cultures, not many brides I’ve encountered want to host an event with 300+ people. Instead they prefer it to be personal creating a connection to most (if not all) of their guests at the wedding. Cocktail receptions that incorporate fluidness and foster conversation are on the rise opposed to the traditional sit-down dinner. This can also help cut costs and put a very personal spin on the evening. Destination weddings are becoming more and more popular as they become more and more obtainable and brides are attracted to the simplicity of leaving all the planning behind to walk the beach, under the shimmering sun, after your ceremony. While it can be amazing wedding, destination weddings can be (at home or abroad) still quite a bit of work, planning and compromise.

What are some trends in wedding décor?

‘Wow’ factor is becoming more and more important to brides as they want to distinguish their wedding from those of their friends and families before them. Whereas chair covers used to be the décor trend for dressing up a room, lighting has taken its place. When you pair proper lighting with the wedding colours and elegant fabrics you definitely have a wedding that will keep your guests talking. Other added touches like coffee bars, photo booths and special entertainment are being incorporated into the festivities as the bar continues to be raised.

What about invitations and favours?

As everything else in the world goes electronic as will weddings. Many brides are opting for wedding websites which request their RSVPs by email or phone so they can save the paper, envelopes and postage required for the traditional RSVP. Here on the West Coast our green lifestyle is finding its way into weddings where couples are using recycled paper for their invitations, giving tree seedlings as favours for their guests to take home and plant in their garden, and making a donation to a local charity in lieu of boxed favors. If brides make it a point to have the majority of their life “green” then why not follow it through for their wedding?

Anna’s advice?

Whether it is elaborate or simple, elegant or rustic, costly or cost-effective the bottom line is that it should reflect the bride and groom. Your time, money and emotions are invested in this day and it should reflect who you are as people and what your interests and goals are. Whether there are 20 guests or 200 does not matter as long as you have a beaming smile on your face and have married the man or woman of your dreams.