OWOH giveaway, acrylic painting original

Aside from being a writer, and the owner of this website, I am an artist. Lately, I have had little time to paint. Last night, on my birthday, I plunked myself down and got down and dirty with the paints. Pure bliss. This is what transpired. I call this little lady (4″  x 6″ acrylic and collage on canvas original) Love Queen. And she can be yours. I’m part of this super neat giveaway called One World, One Heart (OWOH Giveaway). All you need to do is leave a comment here on my blog by midnight eastern time on February 11. I will draw a winner at random on Feb. 12. Here’s a bit of info from the One World, One Heart giveaway:

The original idea behind this giveaway event was to bring bloggers together from around the world who may never ordinarily meet. It closes the gap of the blog community and enables us to interact, discover new and wonderful people, and in the process possibly win a prize or many prizes along the way. 2007 had roughly 85-90 participants and many connections were made because of it……friendships that are still going strong…. This is more than wanting to win something…….that is only the means…….in the end it’s about finding kindred spirits. Someone who may be fairly new to blogging, not sure how to navigate, find others and have others find them….Some are long time bloggers and in some cases well known in the art community.