I was not a winter bride. I didn’t have to worry about blizzards, ice storms or wind chills. And I didn’t have to worry about germs. Germs, you say? According to the January 19 issue of  MacLean’s Magazine, for winter brides, it’s all about the germs.

According to the Paranoia of the Winter Bride, there are plenty of winter brides on “germ lockdown.” They’re deathly afraid of coming down with a cold or the flu before their weddings and as a result, they are extremely cautious in public and will avoid friends and family members who are even suspected of having a cold.  Some seek out naturopaths and osteopaths to boost their immune systems, and are prescribed intravenous vitamin therapies. Others load up on oregano extract, vitamin D3, probiotics and freeze dried garlic.

I recently endured a wretched bout with the flu, so I am acutely sympathic with these brides. I don’t blame them a bit for wanting to ramp up their immune systems. I’d be loading up on Cold FX  and crossing my fingers for a virus-free, event  – with only a few minor flurries.