Small Wedding Snobs and Snubs: Have you been shunned?

We had our small wedding reception at home, so we did not have to deal with venue owners snubbing us for having a small wedding. But judging by what I’ve read from other brides, it’s not an uncommon occurence. Take Naoimi for instance.

Naoimi is a reporter over at, and she’s planning a wedding of 50-75 guests. Naomi is searching for a venue for her wedding and decided to check out an area country club. When she arrived for the tour she was cordially welcomed – that is, until she informed the tour guide that she was having a small wedding. She writes:

Fifty to 75 people, I told him. Not good. Their ballroom seats 300, he said; the space would dwarf our party. I believed him, but I was still curious. We didn’t get to see it, though. Instead, he showed us a section of the dining room that was partitioned off and empty. The dining room could be used for smaller events, he said, but it wasn’t a good space for wedding receptions.

“Fifty to 75 … ehhh,” he said several times, shrugging. The tour was clearly over. After he walked away, toward the club’s inner sanctum (no handshake this time), I realized my coat was still in his office. Luckily, the door was open, so I retrieved it and left as quickly as possible.

Judging by the flood of comments that Naoimi received, this topic clearly struck a nerve with her audience.

But there is hope for Naomi. Plenty of it. There are small wedding friendly venues out there. Beautiful venues that welcome intimate guest lists. I don’t mean to toot my own horn here (okay, maybe I do.. just a little), but that’s the beauty of the Intimate Weddings Venue Finder. The venues listed are ideal for small weddings. And there’s always the possiblity of an at-home wedding - whether it’s your own home, or a rented private residence.

Have any of you had similar difficulties finding a venue because of your small guest list? Have you been snubbed? I would love to hear your comments.

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  1. Posted by lacey on November 29th, 2009 at 7:11pm

    Hi, just wanted to share a small-wedding friendly venue that we're using next year for our wedding that you might want to add to your venue finder list. It's Cobblestone Farms, in Ann Arbor MI, restored historic farmstead in a park owned by the city, very pretty (even has goats!), restored barn for events, etc, AND the indoor/outdoor spaces would be ideal for 75-80 guests or less (but can hold 150ish, maybe more, very flexible.) they're very friendly and don't mind at all if you're wedding is small.

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