Many people will tell you to simply “relax” on your wedding day and “soak it all in,” but that’s easier said than done. With planning, booking, buying and crafting, you’ll need a day of rest from the pre-wedding craziness. And what better way to relax than with your favorite girls at a spa-themed bridal shower where your only worry is getting pampered and spoiled.

You can treat everyone to a day at a spa or create your own spa activities at home. Bring in some professionals to apply manicures, pedicures, massages or makeup. As well as applying the treatments they can also give tips and ideas on how to apply them yourself. Some spas, or even event planning companies, will bring in everything you need for a relaxing afternoon.

Let the ladies prepare for the day by letting them know your theme and schedule for the day on the invitation. They’ll want to come in casual, comfortable clothing and bring any essentials, such as towels or sandals. Or have the day start at a yoga class or spa, then head back to your house for some in-home pampering.

Let your guests use their senses to smell, touch, see and possibly taste a selection of beauty products and treatments with a beauty bar. A beauty bar will let you and your guests, pick their favorite products to apply. Scour your local makeup and beauty counter for samples or gift-size bottles or use everyday products, such as flowers, oils and pantry staples.

If renting out a spa or bringing in special equipment isn’t in your budget, create some DIY treatments and products. Make your own bath bombs and scrubs in your favourite scents and flavours and give them as favours or enjoy them together. Check out this tutorial for DIY bath salts.

Or learn how to make your own bath bombs here.

Send the girls home with a goody bag of creams, oils and candles so they can re-create the day at home. Bridal showers are usually held 2-3 months before the wedding, so you may need the leftover products and favors to help calm your nerves before the wedding! Depending on how many ladies you’re inviting –spa days usually work best for smaller groups–you could even let them create their own favors and products, like this idea for a perfume station where each guest creates their own signature scent:

Put on some calming music, lay out some comfortable pillows and lounging chairs, spruce up the tables with a few fresh bouquets and light some scented candles; anything you think is suitable for a relaxing atmosphere.

Of course, you can’t forget about the food. Choose some healthy, spa-worthy treats that will make everyone feel good. They can be decadent treats too. After all, going to the spa is all about indulging. Try some fresh fruit and vegetables, smoothies, bite-sized tea sandwiches and herbal or iced tea.

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