peacock hair comb

Do you love the idea of wearing a feather fascinator at your wedding, but don’t want to spend big bucks to buy one? Make your own!

This peacock feather fascinator would be perfect for a bride or her bridesmaids!

You will need:

  • Three peacock feathers (I got mine at my local dollar store for $2)
  • Hair Comb (I purchased mine from SupplyWorld on Etsy)
  • Brooch or Pendant (The feather pendant I used is from {styled} by Tori Spelling)
  • Glue Gun

Trim peacock feathers to your liking.

peacock fascinator

Aren’t they pretty?

peacock feathers

Position your feathers where you want them on the hair comb.

peacock hair combNow that you know where you want them, remove feathers from comb and place on a small piece of foil. Fire up your glue gun and add a generous amount of glue to the ends of the feathers.

peacock fascinatorPlace another piece of foil over the glued area on the feathers and tamp.(I pressed them down with my scissors.)

weddings fascinatorWait a couple of minutes for glue to set, then carefully remove foil.

hair fascinatorUse glue gun to adhere feathers to comb.

bridal hair combI snipped off both ends of the {styled} by Tori Spelling feather pendant.

hair accessories peacock

Place glue on the back of your brooch or pendant.

hair comb diyAdhere brooch or pendant to hair comb, holding in place until it sets. diy hair combLet dry overnight. That’s it!

peacock hair fascinator

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