There are ornate churches. There are simple churches. How much you decorate the church for your wedding ceremony will depend on the type of church you have chosen for your big day. That said, no matter where you choose to get married, there’s a good chance that you’ll want to add some wedding decorations. Here are some wedding church decoration tips that will help to save you money:

1.Use flowers that are in season and use plenty of greenery in your bouquets.

2. Instead of going to a florist, pick out some pretty garden bouquets from the local grocery store, or go to a flower wholesaler or greenhouse.

3. Have the floral arrangements from the ceremony brought to the reception site.

4. Use potted plants as an alternative to cut flowers.

5. Buy some tulle and twinkle lights and decorate the church yourself.

6. Have your wedding at Christmastime or Easter. Chances are the church will already be decorated.

7. Use pew bows to adorn the end of the pews. Chances are your local flower shop can make them up for you at a reasonable price.

8. Find out if someone else is getting married the same day you are. If so, see if you can arrange to share expenses on decorating the church.

9. Buy an inexpensive arch at a craft store and decorate it with fresh flowers or tulle, ivy and twinkle lights.

10. Consider silk flowers instead of the real thing. (I must admit that I prefer fresh flowers, but they sure have come a long way with faux flowers!)