I’m on a news fast. I don’t subscribe to a newspaper. I don’t watch the news. In fact, other than the brief snippets I read on the Internet, I am news-free. I’ve decided that I need a mental break from the crushing negativity that blasts through the ‘glass teat’ (as Steven King refers to television) every time a news anchor opens her mouth. It is an energy drain.

I am not a complete ignoramus. Both my father and my father-in-law are insatiable news hounds, so if something is important enough for me to know about, I will hear it from them.

Despite my current reprieve from all things CNN, I do happen to know that there’s a big, fat, scary recession going on right now. And I also know that it’s having a major impact on many couples’ wedding plans. Although the recession is taking its toll on many couples, there is something good emerging from the darkness. What is it, you ask? Priorities. Couples are cutting out the frivolous extras (guests included) and placing an emphasis on what really matters to them. Weddings are becoming less of a production to impress attendees, and more of a true celebration between two people and the friends and family members who really matter to them.

That’s not to say that weddings in today’s economy are not without detail. Brides are paying as much attention to detail as they have in the past, but they are becoming much more resourceful, creative and selective. They’re also hands on. Whether it’s favors or save-the-dates, they’re rolling up their sleeves and doing it for themselves – or they’re enlisting friends and family to make their day special .

No matter how bad the state of the economy, wedding bells are going to be ringing loud and lovely in 2009. And couples will have beautiful memories of their special day – without a heaping helping of debt.