The guest list. For some couples it’s as easy as pie. For others, it’s the most difficult part of planning a wedding.

If you and your fiancé have big families, chances are you are in for more of a challenge. Add co-workers to the mix and you might feel a big headache coming on.

Take heart. Help is here for creating your small wedding guest list.

First, think about who you really WANT at your wedding. If great Aunt Lucy doesn’t come to mind, don’t invite her. If co-worker Bob (the one who invited you to his wedding) doesn’t make the initial cut, don’t add him to the list. A small wedding is not about inviting people out of obligation. It’s about inviting the people who really matter to you. Unless your parents are paying for a big chunk of the wedding costs, your guest list is up to you.

“But that’s not realistic,” I can hear you saying. “People will be offended. I will be scorned.”

There is a chance that some people might feel left out. However, the chances of that happening are a lot less likely if you are honest with them. Gently let people who have not been invited (and think they should be) know that you are having a small wedding and that you are only having a few guests. Chances are that given the current state of the economy, several of your friends, acquaintances and distant family might actually feel relieved that they don’t have to come up with hundreds of dollars in travel expenses and wedding gifts.

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