What’s the first word that comes to mind when I think of theme weddings? Unique.

If you’re the creative type that loves to do things a bit differently, a theme wedding might be just what you’re after.

Theme weddings are a great way to let your personality shine through. They can really bring out your playful side and your creativity. And because they are so unique (and usually fun!), you and your beloved won’t be the only ones raving about it. Out of all the conventional, cookie-cutter weddings your guests have been to, you can bet yours will be remembered.

Keeping your wedding intimate will make your themed wedding easier to pull off. If you have an historical theme, for instance, it’s much easier to have 40 guests arrive in period attire, than 200. Besides, it’s likely that the guests at your small wedding will know you well enough not to be taken aback by your wedding style, and therefore they’ll be more willing to play along.

Although there is usually more planning involved with theme weddings, – especially if you are carrying your theme over to everything from the food to the favors, keeping your guest list small will also help to reduce your planning time. It’s easier to wrap 40 favors, than 240!

Having a small wedding also means you’ll have more choice in location. If you are having an historical theme, there’s more chance you’ll find a museum or historical site to host your wedding if the guest list is not huge. If you’re having a nautical theme, it will be easier to find a boat to accommodate 75 than one that will fit 300.

Then there’s the issue of cost. Elaborate theme weddings, unique and lovely as they are, can be expensive. A Victorian wedding, complete with period attire, décor, musicians, food and other wedding details could be expensive. However, if there are only 30 on your guest list, your costs can be lower than if you had a large wedding without any of the unusual touches.

And as I mentioned earlier, an intimate wedding will enable you to get your guests involved. One way is to have them arrive in costume – perfect for a masquerade ball, a wedding with an historical theme, or a Halloween wedding. (If you decide to have guests dress the part, make sure you let them know of places that offer costume rental. Also offer suggestions on what they should wear. Someone invited to a medieval wedding might not have a clue on which type clothing was worn during this time period.) That said, realize that not everyone wants to arrive in costume at theme weddings. Unique favors, décor, as well as music and cuisine that all correspond to your chosen theme will go a long way in creating the desired theme.

Another way you can get your guests involved is have them participate in the wedding. For instance, you might choose to have a reenactment during a historically themed wedding. You can then encourage your guests to play a part in the reenactment. At an Easter themed wedding you might have a scavenger hunt during the reception that involves both your adult and younger guests.

Guests can also help decorate. What about a pumpkin carving party the night before a Halloween wedding? (The pumpkins could be used as centerpieces.)Or a tree trimming get together the night before a Christmas wedding? What about having guests decorate eggs the day before the wedding to be placed in baskets at an Easter wedding?