Whether you’re going to have identical dresses for all of your bridesmaids, or your going to mix’n’match, Etsy has the perfect selection of rose gold dresses. We’ve narrowed it down to a few of our favorites.

These dresses from TheRadicalThreadCo are the perfect choice if you want your bridesmaids to look similar, but not identical. You can customize the color and style of these dresses.


Your bridesmaids will squeal with delight when they see these stunning sequined dresses by TheodoraJames.


This Liberace lamé bridesmaid gown from DamselWhiteLabel is romantic and luxurious.


Looking for beautiful and affordable dresses for your girls? How about this short rose gold bridesmaid dress from RenzRags.


How sweet is this gold sequined dress from StarCustomDress? All of your bridesmaids will love it!


The Bella Luna Octopus Wrap gown from CoralieBeatrix features an exquisite sequin bottom skirt portion that adds a little glamor to your big day! You can choose from many different sequin colors, so you can have each of your bridesmaids in slightly different shades.


This sequined dress from MoltenoCreations would be perfect for your bridesmaids to wear at the reception.


This rose gold sequin dress is a stunner! It’s made by MoltenoCreations.


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