Wedding card boxes are a must-have for every wedding. Why settle for a generic crate when Etsy is filled with sleek, modern pieces that will add something to your wedding decor? These eight wedding card holders from Etsy are on-trend, and many of them can be used after the wedding as home decor.

House your card in this unique wedding card holder from Leosklo. We love the unique shape. and if you’re looking for a wedding ring box, Leosklo has one in the same shape.

This high-quality hand painted wedding card box from SweetNCCollective is just the rustic touch you need for your wedding.

This elegant geometric wedding card box from euris is the perfect keepsake. It can be displayed on your coffee table after the wedding.

This terrarium from Waen can be used as a wedding card holder, or it can be filled with flowers for a beautiful centerpiece.

After the wedding, this wedding card box from BASHdecorandflorals would make a lovely jewelry box.


These wedding card boxes from PressedCotton are multipurpose. The “cards” decals can be removed and they can be used as lanterns.

We love the rose gold lettering on this clear wedding card box from braggingbags.

Keep it simple with this clear wedding card box from braggingbags.

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