When it comes to searching for the perfect engagement ring, the process can be overwhelming. We have narrowed down eight beautiful raw gemstone engagement ring options from Etsy to help you find the best ring for your fiancé.

The earthy tones of this five stone raw gemstone engagement ring from are perfect if you are looking for something stunningly unique.

raw gemstone engagement ring

We can’t get enough of this gorgeous rose gold and raw diamond ring from

raw gemstone engagement ring

We love this beautiful raw Australian emerald ring design from

emerald engagement ring

This floral raw diamond engagement ring from is a truly gorgeous option.

raw diamond ring

The detail on this rose gold raw diamond ring from is absolutely beautiful.

raw diamond ring rose gold

A one-of-a-kind engagement ring design from

gold raw engagement ring

This two raw stone engagement ring from is breathtaking.

raw stone engagement ring

The pairing of rose gold and aquamarine together is perfect in this raw gemstone engagement ring from

blue gemstone ring

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