Yes, I do tend to use the word ‘awesome’ a great deal since I started this l’il blog. But really there is no better word to describe this wedding. And these videos.

Before you scroll down and hit the play button, you’ve got to get the backstory.

Justin and Dorie have a favorite hiking spot in Washington, Connecticut’s  Steep Rock Preserve. To them the ideal place to get married was the trail summit with no one else around.

“We wanted our wedding day to focus on the life-long commitment we were making to each other, not the frivolous details of the day,” says Dorie.

Even though they knew eloping was right for them, they still wanted to share their day with the people they love. They wanted everyone to feel like they were right there with them. What better way to do that than create a surprise video!

“We decided not to tell a single person until our elopement video was finished. We contacted a good friend of mine who directed the video and hooked us up best videographers we could imagine. They really captured our idea of having our friends and family watch the day unfold before their eyes as they were slowly clued in on the real reason made the video!” explains Dorie.

To make it even more personal, they hand-picked items for the picnic elopement that their families would recognize.

“We included little bits of our family throughout the video. We stole the picnic blanket from my sister, wine glasses from my father, a headband from my mother-in-law, etc,” says Dorie.

The couple even captured all the the reactions on video, and created a video montage.

” A lot of people may fear elopement because they may possibly offend someone, but as you can see, our friends and family were elated,” says Dorie.

According to Dorie, the best thing about eloping was that they got to spend their wedding day doing the things they love most: hiking, swimming in the river, picnicking and being with each other.”

Now go ahead – watch the video! (Video Directors: Justin Matley & Persistent Productions)

Dorie and Justin – The Journey from Dorie on Vimeo.

And the reactions from friends and family:

Surprise Elopement Reactions from Dorie on Vimeo.