ice candles

Fire + ice. Nothing brings the two together more beautifully than ice candles.

Ice candles add a magical element to a winter wedding. Line walkways, driveways or use them at the entrance of your venue. They are easy to make – and they cost next to NOTHING (assuming you have some tea lights kicking around the house.)

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Ice Candles Tutorial

You will need:

  • plastic containers in two different sizes (I used 2L and 1.5 L ice cream and yogurt containers)
  • rocks
  • water
  • duct tape
  • tea lights

Add rocks to smaller plastic container for weight. Fill large container 2/3 full of cold water. Place smaller, rock-filled container into large container. Use duct tape to hold it in place. Make sure you don’t press the smaller container all the way to the bottom. You will want some room at the bottom, as this will be the base for your candle.

ice candles

diy ice candles

Place in freezer overnight. Remove from freezer.

diy ice candlesFill inside container with cold water. This should be enough to release it from the ice.

diy ice lanterns

Run cold water on the outside of the larger container. Do not use hot water or the ice will crack! (I speak from experience.) That’s it!! Now, just add a tea light.

ice candles

So pretty!

ice candles