So there you are walking along the sidewalk when suddenly something sparkly catches your eye.

It’s a diamond ring. The diamond is huge and it’s worth more than a delivery driver makes in two years.

Would you keep it? Or would you try to track down the owner?

I might be a bit cynical, but I think most people would keep the ring. Not Nicole Beaudoin.

Nicole, who lives in my hometown of Windsor, Ontario, tracked down the owner, and my local newspaper, The Windsor Star, wrote a story about her. (It’s a feel good story that’s worth reading.)

“You can’t keep something like that. It wouldn’t matter if it was a $10 Wal-Mart special. It still means something,” she said.

That’s the thing about wedding rings. The monetary value is far from the only thing that makes them special. There is so much sentimental attachment to them.

Choosing a diamond ring is a big deal. There are so many diamond styles, sizes and cuts available. How do you know what’s best for you?


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