I admit it. Post-Chinese food, I usually crack open the fortune cookie just to see what’s inside. Often, I don’t eat the cookie because it’s stale and slightly musty. I just want to get at the secret message to read about how wise and insightful I am:)

I really like the idea of fortune cookies for weddings. Not necessarily the edible kind – although I’m sure the homemade ones are de-lish. I like the fabric fortune cookies, like the ones I blogged about over here. Or the ones made of paper.

I came across this fabulous free template for creating your own fortune cookie made out of paper over at Kind over Matter.

Although I love the concept of leaving these ‘kindness messages’ behind for strangers to find, I think these would make really fun favors or great for ‘Will you be my bridesmaid?’ messages. Simply customize with your own message.

And if you are making donations instead of giving wedding favors, wouldn’t this be a great way to let your guests know you are donating to charity?