Want to know some of my favorite places to find DIY wedding ideas?

1. Google Images – This is such a handy dandy tool for finding DIY wedding ideas, I’m not sure I could blog without it! Google Images retreives only images of your search query. This is great if you are looking for ideas on a particular DIY wedding project. I use this A LOT!

2. Flickr– I just recently joined Flickr and have quickly realized what a wonderful resource it is for DIY wedding ideas. Simply type in your search query, and you will be flooded with images on your given topic.

3. Websites – In recent months I’ve come across a couple of sites that I find particularly useful. iDIY has a ton of great ideas for creating a DIY wedding. The Wedding Channel’s My DIY Wedding Day, which launched a few months ago, is quickly becoming a popular site for DIY wedding ideas. Another site I really dig is One PrettyThing which has links to oodles of DIY projects.

4. Books – I’m crazy about my local library and recently picked up a couple of helpful books: The Michael’s Book of Paper Crafts and The Michael’s Book of Wedding Crafts. The DIY Bride and Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Crafts are also full of great DIY projects.

I’d love to hear about where you find inspiration. Got favorite websites or books with DIY ideas? Do tell!